About Us

How It Started

Founded in the summer of 2012 as a postcard company, From Lahore With Love was launched with the main aim of celebrating Lahore, by paying homage to the sights that make up Pakistan’s glorious city of gardens.


Who knows,
She may come at last,
On the crest of a wave,
Hidden in a leaf,
In the song of a bird,
In this unquiet house,
Or in the dawn’s cosmic splendour,
And when I meet her,
I may be able to say,
That which I once said,
On a morning like this,
In a strange town,
To another stranger in Lahore.

Munir Niazi

(Translated by Daud Kamal)

Sonya Rehman has been an art and culture journalist for over 15 years, writing and reporting for a number of local and international publications such as; ForbesAl JazeeraThe DiplomatEsquireThe Wall Street JournalThe News InternationalThe Friday Times, and more.

Apart from her writing career, Sonya has taught at both the school and college level, such as; the Lahore School of EconomicsInformation Technology University (ITU) and The City School, in addition to conducting workshops on journalism and creative writing at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)The British Council and The Last Word.

In 2012, Sonya founded From Lahore With Love, a start-up which not only aims to revive the joy of snail-mail in Pakistan through a series of postcards, but also pays homage to Lahore’s cultural heritage.

A Fulbright scholar and Pulitzer-Moore Fellow, awarded during her MS in Print Journalism from Columbia Journalism School, Sonya’s first book, Embroidering Dreams – 50 Years of Empowering Women and Preserving the Craft of Needlework, explored the creation and the journey of the Behbud Association of Pakistan, one of Pakistan’s oldest non-profits.